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Family Connections, LLC serves families who have children which have been placed into the foster care system. We believe that the ideal family is composed of children living together with their natural parent(s). Although that is not always possible, our goal is to provide services that will restore families to a state of wholeness for today and lay the foundation for their generations tomorrow. We accomplish this goal through a four-step process that is family-focused.

Family Connections, LLC reconnects families by providing a safe, home-like setting where routines, responsibilities and activities of daily living are simulated in a home-like atmosphere. Our family-centered and child-friendly environment encourages positive conversation and interactions between parents and children.


Family Connections, LLC rebuilds families by providing assessments, redirection and meaningful interventions such as parenting and small group training along with behavioral modification techniques so that family members are empowered to relate to one another in more positive ways.


Family Connections, LLC reunites families by providing weekly supervised visitation and transportation service where case management and in-home support is given to families, along with the identification of specific goals, so that families are prepared to function independently.


Family Connections, LLC restores families by providing intense in-home reunification with step down services that enhance the family unit so that appropriate roles may be developed and maintained throughout the family’s lifetime.

Our comprehensive continuum of services allows parents and children to demonstrate life skills and develop strategies to successfully transition to living independently as a restored family.

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